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Recarta IT acquire Signature

UK Based Recarta, the IBM Enterprise Solution and Support Specialist, has acquired Signature Consultancy the end to end IT services and infrastructure solution provider. For more information click here

Team of Professionals

Signature Consultancy has built its business on the philosophy that a company
is only as good as its people. We ensure that all of our IT consultants are focused
and dedicated experts in their field.

Partnerships and Alliances

At Signature Consultancy, we partner with a variety of specialists, to meet your specific needs. We are flexible and responsive, offering a comprehensive range of services and solutions, to help you successfully drive your business forward.

built on Integrity

We measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction and we are proud that this sets us apart from the crowd. We encourage innovation, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence, all of which has led to long-standing customer relationships.


Cloud-based Solutions

By working without any vendor allegiance, Signature Consultancy offers truly independent advice for clients looking to transition to cloud-based solutions.

Our initial engagement is based around working with clients to assess the suitability of cloud transition for on-premise solutions currently deployed. We are uniquely positioned to provide an unbiased assessment of each of the main cloud vendor solutions, assist in creating a business case and when appropriate, advise on best practice transition strategy specific to the client's unique needs.



Signature Consultancy offers unrivalled knowledge and expertise by providing a single source solution for all your IT requirements. Direct, long-standing relationships with world-leading manufacturers give us the edge when it comes to giving you with the right price, and a reliable, quality service.


IBM PureSystems™

There is tremendous excitement in the market as IBM announced the IBM PureSystems™ family of products which are pre-integrated, pre-configured and designed to deliver expertise with an overall simplified experience.


Complete Backup Solutions

Confident with your backup's integrity?

We assess and provide suitable recommendations to enhance your current environment, offer unbiased advice on replacement technologies and assist you with the transition to off-site backup.

We support the following hardware suppliers
  • Hp logo
  • Ibm 90X70 logo
  • Dell logo
  • Fujitsu logo
Server Health Check

It is crucial that you examine your system at regular intervals to identify potential problems and achieve optimum performance from your servers. A systems audit can often prevent wasting your budget on short term fixes.

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