Integration by design,
a truly unified solution


PureSystems and Flex

There is tremendous excitement in the market as IBM announced the IBM PureSystems™ family of products which are pre-integrated, pre-configured and designed to deliver expertise with an overall simplified experience.

The unique attributes of these new systems are designed to have customers up and running faster than ever.

IBM PureSystems have three truly unique attributes:
  • Integration by Design: Deeply integrated hardware and software in a single, ready-to-go system with built in security and reliability designed for multiple architectures. The systems are modular and based on open standards.
  • Built-in Expertise: Providing flexibility, choice, simplicity, and agility to drive business velocity. PureSystems capture and automate what the experts have typically done from infrastructure to application.
  • Simplified Experience: From setting up the system, to operating, maintaining, and upgrading over time, PureSystems simplify every part of the IT lifecycle.
The introduction of our first PureSystems* family offerings is just the beginning:

IBM PureFlex™ System ( is an infrastructure system integrating compute, storage, networking, virtualisation, unified management and the expertise to manage those resources while also allowing clients to deploy tens of thousands x86 and UNIX applications into the environment.

IBM PureApplication™ System ( is a platform system, leveraging much of the PureFlex System’s infrastructure system foundation, on which it builds a software stack for web, database, and JavaTM applications. It is built for cloud, offering simplicity, efficiency, and control - serving as a virtualised application platform that optimises application workloads and accelerates time to value.

IBM Flex System™ goes beyond blades and provides high performance, easily integrated components that comprise the building blocks of PureFlex and other PureSystems integrated systems.

New announcements are being released from IBM on the PureSystems portfolio of products, for more information please contact the Signature Consultancy team on 08444 100 150