Business Solutions

At Signature Consultancy, our flexible IT solutions ensure that you benefit from
the latest enterprise level technology and market leading, IT solutions. Our
vendor-agnostic approach guarantees that you receive the right solution for
your specific needs.



Signature Consultancy provides a wide range of intelligent technology solutions.  We bring together a multi-disciplined team able to undertake every aspect of consultancy, infrastructure design, sourcing, installation and IT support.

As your technology partner, Signature Consultancy will work with you to create a competitive advantage, using rapidly emerging technologies.

We provide world-class solutions for all of our clients’ needs, in some of the most demanding business environments. For example, a relocation, a technology upgrade or a new data centre – all significant challenges for any organisation, and all IT projects where Signature Consultancy's involvement can make the difference between success and failure. 


Business Continuity

At Signature Consultancy, we understand that business continuity and resilience are high priorities within any IT department, so it is crucial to choose a partner with suitable expertise to help you choose from the wealth of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions available. 

We offer in-depth knowledge and an unbiased opinion on the product or IT solution that best suits your business needs.  Signature Consultancy can offer multiple technologies, including hardware, software and a variety of implementation services.  

Our consultants are conversant with the latest IT solutions to help you improve the availability, performance and manageability of your applications and which are tailored to your business.

Key features of our business continuity solutions include:
  • Scalable, high speed replication capabilities to handle the size of your business and transactional volumes
  • High-speed operational switching and access between locations during planned and unplanned downtime
  • Replication minimises the time required for a switch and enables resynchronisations after network outages
  • Faster service delivery by automating deployment of virtual machines and storage 
  • Server utilisation and storage resources are optimised to control cost, boost return on investment (ROI) and improve energy efficiency
Why choose Signature Consultancy?

By partnering with Signature Consultancy, you can rest assured that we will offer you a customised, fully redundant and scalable solution. 



You probably depend on computers for everything from business accounting to marketing and customer support. It is vital to take adequate precautions to deal with business IT security issues and keep your systems running smoothly.

There can be various sources of threats to your business IT security, such as:

  • Data loss or corruption: data is one of your biggest assets, so it is imperative that you protect it from security issues like physical threats (fire, server theft and so on), malicious attacks and accidental deletion.
  • Internet security issues: hackers and cyber criminals may target your business systems, or you could be affected by malicious websites, dodgy software, viruses, Trojans, spyware or spam.
  • Your employees: whether by accident or design, the people in your business can be a source of business computer security problems. Carelessness, fraud or disgruntled employees can all cause security issues.

Signature Consultancy offers clients IT security assessments, empowering you to proactively identify and eliminate threats to your business.






Backup Technologies

Signature Consultancy provides independent assessment of your existing backup solution, with a view to ultimately maximising the Return on Investment (ROI) of your current infrastructure and improving backup efficiencies.

Our objective is to make your current IT assets work harder for you, enhance and improve your current configuration and, where possible, delay future acquisitions.

However, if you are looking to replace your existing backup technologies, our experienced, independent consultants are on hand to provide unbiased advice, implementation services and training.

We are also able to replicating your business-critical data offsite to our secure data centres, which is both resilient and cost-effective.



Businesses are moving towards virtualisation technology as a way to capitalise on server utilisation and reduce the number of systems they have to support and manage.

With years of experience in managing, optimising, securing, and supporting mission-critical data centre environments, Signature Consultancy can impartially evaluate, design, execute and support the right virtualisation solution to meet your IT requirements and business goals. 

We take a holistic view of a company’s environment and support the complete virtualisation technology life cycle, from planning to design and implementation, along with constant training and support.


PatchSee - a Unique Cable Management System

At Signature Consultancy, we recognise that structured cabling management can often be challenging due to higher priority business pressures.  

Whether planned or unexpected, the financial cost resulting from networks going down and mission-critical applications being offline can represent significant loss.

A Unique and Efficient Solution 

In partnership with PatchSee, Signature Consultancy can deliver a solution that has been designed to meet the expectations of network designers and managers in terms of efficiency, performance and security. Patchsee’s technology lets you identify data connections and strategic links on your network quickly and efficiently.

Compatible with all existing network hardware, PatchSee offers unparalleled ease-of-use, security and speed during maintenance and troubleshooting operations, for data centres, computer rooms and network racks.

  • Both ends of any network cable are instantly traceable using an exclusive lighting system
  • Clear visual identification increases security when handling network connections
  • Confirm links before disconnecting servers and other connections
  • PatchClip removable colour clips are practical for managing any kind of network, providing visual differentiation for racks, applications and servers according to their use
  • Compatible with all types of computer equipment, cabling and switches
  • Complies with EIA/TIA & ISO standards - 10 GB applications
  • Cat. 6a / Cat. 6 / Cat. 5e - UTP & FTP
  • Available in lengths from 2 to 165 feet (0.6 to 50 metres)
  • "Scratch" type cable ties - the convenient way to tie and untie all your cables

If you would like to test PatchSee’s cabling solution, please call the Signature Consultancy team on +44 (0) 844 410 0150 for your free sample.